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Suit Care

Q: How do I clean my suit after I’m doing competing?

A: To wash your suit, fill a sink with lukewarm water and Dawn dish detergent.  Dunk suit in water and gently scrub together.  Do not let the suit soak in water.  Rinse suit in cold water and gently squeeze excess water out.  Lay flat to dry.

Suit Adjustments

Q: How do I know if my suit will fit me come show day?

A: This is why BB Suits send every suit out for a fitting.  If needed we offer unlimited basic adjustments on all suits BB Suits designs

Q: I didn’t buy my suit through BB Suits.  Will you still adjust it?

A: We are always happy to help and will gladly take a look.  If it is an adjustment that we can make, BB Suits will gladly do it for you for a reasonable fee.


Q: Am I able to upgrade my existing suit?

A: Stoning upgrades are available on all suits for a fee no matter who made them.  Prices will vary depending on the amount of stoning requested.  We can also swap connectors.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fitting

Q: I just received my unstoned suit for my fitting, now what?

A: Step one, put the suit on!  If you’ve competed before you should have a pretty good idea of how you’re like your suit to fit.  If you haven’t, this suit may feel a little different than a regular bathing suit – That’s normal!  We recommend video chatting with us or asking your coach if the suit is fitting properly.  We send suits before putting the finishing touches on as to ensure it sits how you want.  Therefore, if the hip straps or back straps need to be tightened for example, you can do so with the safety pins provided.  Figure & WPD competitors:  the back straps must be safety pinned to the bottoms where they fit the most comfortably.  Sometimes this takes more than 2 hands.  Please leave back straps pinned to bottoms when you sent the suit back.

Why BB Suits

Q: Why should I choose your company to get a suit from over all the others?

A: Not only do you get to fully customize your suit, but your suit is also tailor made to fit your body.  You worked too hard on your physique to allow yourself to be put into a small, medium or large.  Let us tailor made a suit that displays your physique perfectly.

Q: Where do you get your suit materials from?

A: BB Suits only buys from US vendors that supply the highest quality fabrics, stones, and connectors.


Q: What happens if I postpone my show date?

A: At this point, we have one of several options. If you’ve paid your $200.00 non-refundable deposit, and we have NOT begun stoning, your deposit has paid for the base suit and we can mail you the unstoned base suit to hold on to until you are ready to compete again. The deposit is valid for one year from the deposit date.

Q: I decided to go with another suit designer, can you (BB Suits) give me my measurements and/or pattern?

A: Measurements and patterns are proprietary to BB Suits and will not be handed out.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We do ship internationally, however, we are unable to include a fitting due to longer shipping times. International orders must be placed a minimum of 10 weeks out from your show date.

Q: How much of a deposit do you require to get started?

A: For women’s suits, we ask for a $200 non-refundable deposit. This goes towards your final balance. If you show date changes, we will hold your deposit until the end of the calendar year in which it was placed.

Q: Do you guys offer sponsorships?

A: Currently, we are not bringing on any new sponsored athletes.

Q: Do you charge rush fees?

A: Yes. Typically, if a suit is ordered under 8 weeks out from your show, a rush fee will be added to accommodate any last minute material orders, expediting costs, etc. Depending on how close to your show date you are, we may be unable to have a fitting. This is up to the discretion of BB Suits. We are unable to apply discounts to rush orders.

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