The Process

Tailor-Made (tālər ˈmād/): made, adapted, or suited for a particular purpose or person.  A garment that has been specially made for a particular customer.

Step 1: Contact & Consultation

After your initial CONTACT with BB Sutis, a no-obligation consultation is set up.  During this consultation we address any questions or concerns you may have, as well as design details pertaining to your dream suit.  BB Suits can also send you complimentary fabric swatches.

Step 2: Non-Refundable Deposit

In order to proceed, a $210.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your name in our calendar – this deposit goes towards your final budget. Any discounts/codes will be applied in final invoice.

Step 3: Measurements

While your consultation can happen during any point of your prep, we will get measurements at 8 weeks out from your show date.  We can do this either in person or via a video chat.  We’ll walk you through each measurement so there is no guess work!

Step 4: Basic Suit Construction

A pattern is drafted to your unique measurements and your suit (without stoning) is constructed.

Step 5: Fitting

We believe that the most foolproof way to achieve an ideal fit is through a fitting.  Whether you visit us in house or we mail you the suit (shipping for your fitting is complimentary), it is fitted with safety pins to assure it fits how you prefer.  *SEE HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR FITTING HERE.  Suits that are mailed out for their fittings will have one week from the date they receive their suit to mail it back to BB Suits, with tracking provided.  Failure to return the suit in a timely manner, may result in additional rush fees. Shipping for your fitting is complementary and a return envelope will be included.

Step 6: Finishing Touches & Final Invoice

Once the suit is back in house, any adjustments are made, final touches (hooks, loops, etc.) are added, and stoning pattern is applied.  The Final invoice is also sent out after the fitting is completed.


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