Guide lines for suit rentals are as follows:

How to Rent

Select the suit you would like to rent and the corresponding show date to check availability.

Suit rentals are for a one show weekend period.

We will mail the suit to you a week out from your show.  You have until the Wednesday after your show to send the suit back and provide us with tracking.

Additional weeks may be added to the rental period at the added cost of $50.00 per week.

A security deposit of $25.00 is tacked to every rental fee.  When the suit is returned to BB suits, if it has been cleaned and is in good condition, this security deposit will be refunded.

Please note, these suits are not intended for posing practice and my not be altered from their original state (no cutting straps, no removing the number tab, etc).

Finally, if you fall in love with a rental suit, you are more than welcome to purchase it at a discounted price or if you would rather, we can make you a tailor made suit with the same design that is made just for your physique.

Below are the current suits that are available for rental.  Please contact us should you have any questions.

Rentals available

Rentals availableRentals availableRentals availableRentals available
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